This project was born from the desire and willingness to take distance from the contemporary fashion system, which has by now forgotten the value of time and Made in Italy.
We believe that beauty also stands somehow in the art of waiting, and it is this one indeed our core value since all our accessories are made on order to avoid waste.

Launched in Prato, Italy, by early 2021 with the aim of using surplus quality fabrics coming from the historic textile family company Bellandi, The Label was born with a conscious customer in mind: one who buys responsibly yet never compromises on style.

We are hoping to bring in your wardrobe not only a stylish and sophisticated product, but also our own passion and care when you buy one from us. Each piece is in fact unique and limited, and it is handmade with accuracy to guarantee the best Italian quality.


LAB stands for laboratory, key to this whole project. It is the magical, creative spot where we experiment and create every day. BEL stands for Bellandi, the historic textile family company which helped making this initiative come to life. From here, our brand name: THE LABEL.